Bad Breath – Treatment – Causes

Bad Breath – Sign of Poor Health

Bad breath treatment is common in people with health and dental problem

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a problem that affects between 35 to 45 percent of the world population chronically. You can see the demand by counting the “bad breath” products on the market.  Morning breath (sometimes referred to as “dragon” or “dog breath”) is a condition that affects almost everyone. As our San Marcos dentist explains, sometimes bad breath may be due to what we have recently ingested. Sometimes it is an indication of gum disease or other diseases in the mouth and the oral cavity. At other times it may be a sign of a more systemic condition such as malnutrition or other medical disorder. You see that there is a whole list of items that can be causing this condition. And there is usually more than one reason.


Again, there are so many potential culprits here that it is too hard to name them all. But we’ll stick to broad categories. For successful “bad breath treatment”, a combination therapy works the best. Beyond the obvious reasons like lack of proper dietary habits or smoking, one of the potential sources of bad breath is the mouth itself. If there is a decaying tooth it will give off an odor that is noticeable. Gum disease like gingivitis is another source of odor-producing bacteria in the mouth. The tongue itself can harbor millions of bacterial colonies in its fissures and grooves. The throat, tonsils, and adenoids are other sources. As you see, the mouth is a gold mine when it comes to odors.

Bad Breath Treatment

In the absence of diagnosed medical conditions and any suspected medical condition, we would start by looking at the health of the mouth and its many components: teeth, gums, soft tissue, etc. We would also evaluate your dietary habits and suggest modifications if appropriate. And if necessary we suggest you see your primary doctor. to see if further testing may be necessary. Give us a call if you are concerned about this issue and want to be evaluated further.