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As our San Marcos children dentist explains, it is best to start children getting used to going to the dentist when they are young. When a child sees a dentist for the first time, the nature of the visit will shape their future attitude towards dentists. If they are in pain from a badly abscessed tooth, they will associate going to the dentist with pain. But if they don't have pain and are going in for a check up, they do not make this association. Plus, if there is a problem developing it will be detected earlier on, making it easier to correct.

Childrens Dentist San Marcos CA

"Children are very impressionable" explains our childrens dentist in san marcos, ca.  It is therefore very important to only leave them with good impressions of whatever it is they are doing.  The power of suggestion not only works in adults, it works equally well if not better in a young child.  When talking to your kids about the dentist, always use it in a good context, not something bad and horrible.  This way your child will be more comfortable which makes them enjoy their dental visit rather than fear it.

Useful Tips For Better Dental Health

Here are some guidelines to remember in providing a good quality of life for your children (as far as their dental health goes):

1. Introduce them to toothbrush as early as possible. A walk down the dental isle at the pharmacy will show you many options.

2. Get them to be comfortable with your fingers in their mouths. Rub your child's teeth and gums for them with your fingers. Their teeth should not be a source of pain or embarrassment. This way you can discover problem earlier and also your child gets used to someone else's fingers in their mouths.

3. Take them to your dentist when you go (by the time they are 2 or so years old).  Have them sit on your lap at times and just lay down as the chair goes down.

4. Buy them little flossing sticks. They are easy to use and most kids prefer them versus regular floss. Have them floss for prizes! For example, when they floss every school night for 5 nights,  they get a little prize (you and them decide and make it fun).

5. Encourage and promote a healthy diet, especially when the children are getting to be 5 years and older. Good habits taught early will last a lifetime and the benefits will save your child from unnecessary pain and discomfort.

6. Foods and drinks to avoid: power energy drinks, sodas (diet is even worse than regular from a dental perspective), excessive juice and sticky sweet treats. Again, your child needs to live. But moderation please.

7. Use over the counter fluoride products. If something stronger is needed we'll prescribe it for you.

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