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Early Periodontitis

Early periodontal disease, as explained by our San Marcos dentist, comes after gingivitis. Gums that are persistently under attack by the bacteria in the plaque eventually suffer bone loss. In the early periodontitis phase of gum disease, teeth may start showing signs of mobility. The gums start receding away from the tooth, making the tooth look longer. This process also exposes the most sensitive part of the tooth, the root.

Periodontitis Causes Irreversible Damage

How does early periodontitis look close up. The following are pictorial renditions of early periodontal disease and how it compares with a healthy tooth. The first image is the healthy tooth. Second image is mild periodontal disease attacking the gums. The third picture shows how early periodontitis would look compared to healthy gums on the same tooth.

healthy gums around the tooth early periodontal disease attacking tooth and gums early periodontal disease compared to healthy gums on same tooth

Early Periodontitis Signs

Red, puffy gums are a usual sign of gum disease. Receding gums and shifting teeth or feeling of a change in bite may also be present. The longer periodontal disease goes untreated and neglected, moderate periodontitis sets in.

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