Platinum Dental, Inc.
San Marcos, California
San Marcos emergency dentist offers emergency dental care and toothache pain relief
san marcos dentist offers emergency dental care

Toothache Pain Relief in San Marcos

No matter where you are in San Diego, dental emergencies are not fun. Yet a lot of San Diego residents deal with dental emergencies every day. Whether it's a chipped tooth, a loose crown, a broken filling or a bad toothache your San Marcos emergency dentist can help, no matter where in San Diego you are.

At Platinum Dental, Inc. we can typically see you within 24 hours of your call if not sooner at our San Marcos emergency dentist office. We provide emergency dentistry and help people with various types of toothache pain relief. Have a toothache or some other dental problem now? Contact us now.

Emergency Dentist in San Marcos California

Here are the list of dental emergencies that our San Marcos emergency dentist can help you with:
1. Toothache
2. Broken or chipped tooth
3. Loose or broken crown or bridge or veneer
4. Pain in the gums
5. Bleeding gums
6. Jaw pain
7. Jaw being stuck open
8. Jaw joint pain
9. Infected or abscessed tooth
10. Loose tooth
11. Broken dentures
12. Broken retainers (post orthodontics)
13. Orthodontic emergencies

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Looking for a caring and quality dentist?
Meet our dentist in San Marcos,
Dr. Sonny Eslampour, DDS.

We offer quality family dentistry in a comfortable setting. Our high tech practice offers digital X-rays for increased safety, non-toxic white fillings and nitrous oxide for increased comfort.

Our san marcos dental practice offers regular dental procedures as well as highly specialized services such as TMJ therapy, Invisalign and oral sleep apnea therapy.

Call or stop by our San Marcos dentist office today.
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*Regular value of $342. New patients only with no dental insurance.
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Cannot be applied to insurance copayment.
Up to 6 digital X-rays.
Cleaning in abscence of gum disease.
Does not apply toward specialty services such as TMJ therapy or sleep apnea.