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Invisalign Express For Minor Smile Improvements
san marcos invisalign dentist offers invisalign express treatment for correction of minor orthodontic problems

Invisalign Express - Minor Crowding

If you have minor crowding (with or without previous orthodontic treatment), Invisalign Express is probably the best choice. Invisalign Express can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for correction of minor orthodontic crowding. The process of taking the necessary records and impressions is the same as any other Invisalign therapy.

Our Invisalign dentist can help you decide what is the best invisalign express treatment option.

Invisalign Express Before Smile Makeovers

A smile analysis is always done to determine the extent of any smile makeover. Sometimes during the smile design analysis there might be a need for 10 veneers on the top and 8 veneers on the bottom jaw because the teeth are so poorly positioned. This number can be reduced if the teeth were better positioned. Using Invisalign Express to line up the teeth better prior to a smile makeover is great way to save natural tooth structure, make your hygiene easier (not harder), and ultimately end up with a better results. And the case will now only need 6-10 veneers during the smile makeover process, saving a lot of money.

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*Regular value of $342. New patients only with no dental insurance.
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Cannot be applied to insurance copayment.
Up to 6 digital X-rays.
Cleaning in absence of gum disease.
Does not apply toward specialty services such as TMJ therapy or sleep apnea.