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San Marcos dentist offers Zoom Teeth Whitening for a brighter smile
san marcos dentist offers zoom whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening - San Marcos

Zoom teeth whitening is a safe and effective in-office whitening treatment. Our san marcos dentist has performed hundreds of Zoom teeth whitening procedures. What he likes are the great patient results and no or minimal sensitivity after the zoom teeth whitening session. Not only does your smile improve with Zoom teeth whitening, but so does your confidence. When surveyed, most people placed a pleasant smile on top of the list when it came to making a good first impression. And as our San Marcos zoom teeth whitening dentist can tell you, a whiter set of teeth is the first step towards a more pleasing smile.

How Much Whiter Will My Smile Get?

Our san marcos dentist sees improvements anywhere from 4-7 shades lighter with the Zoon 1-hour teeth whitening treatment. We take a shade prior to whitening to see where we are starting from and how big of an improvement we can expect.

How Long Will my Smile Remain Bright?

The answer depends to a large extent on what you eat and drink as well as how well you clean your teeth daily. With no maintanance teeth whitening at home, you can expect your results to last 2 years on average. If you drink moderate amount of coffee, tea, red wine and other drinks similar in nature your results will be fading in about a year. With maintanance teeth whitening and good home care, your results will last 3 to 5 years, no matter how much coffee or tea (or other beverages) you consume.

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*Regular value of $342. New patients only with no dental insurance.
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Cannot be applied to insurance copayment.
Up to 6 digital X-rays.
Cleaning in absence of gum disease.
Does not apply toward specialty services such as TMJ therapy or sleep apnea.