Denture Implants – All On Four

Denture Implants – San Marcos

San Marcos implant dentist offers Implant dentures for a secure and comfortable feeling.

Tired of dentures that rock around the mouth? Unable to bite into the food because the denture is too loose? Cannot taste your food cause the dentures mask the taste? These and many other problems can be overcome by using dental implants to secure the dentures into place.

Denture implants make traditional dentures feel more secure and more like natural teeth. These implant-retained dentures can be made for the upper or the lower (or both) jaws. These implants are placed in the available bone minimizing the need for bone grafting procedures. This process is called All-On-Four (or five or six) depending on the number of implants used. The dentist and the oral surgery team work together to place the dental implants and the implant dentures during the same appointment so the patient goes home with their new teeth on the day of the surgery.  The newly made dentures will remain in function for 6-9 months. At that time a new denture is fabricated to more fully integrate with the dental implants.

Everything starts with a dental visit to your San Marcos denture implant dentist. During your visit, we’ll discuss different options for your care. Our dentist works closely with a group of oral surgeons to facilitate your care. You’ll be referred to the oral surgeon in preparation for your treatment. Before your surgery, our dentist will fabricate a new set of dentures to be used during the surgery. During the surgery, our dentist works with the surgeons to place your dental implants in ideal positions. Once placed, your new denture will be modified to fit over the dental implants. Once ready, your dentures will be directly anchored onto the newly placed dental implants and you will be able to enjoy your first meal once the anesthetic wears off.

Dentures – Converted to Implant Dentures

Dental implants can help dentures that have gotten loose over time become solid yet again. A denture that fits well but is starting to get loose can be converted to an implant denture. The process is similar to the one described above. However, a new denture is not necessary as the existing dentures can be converted to an implant-retained denture.  If you are considering dental implants or dentures give us a call for your consultation.