Dentures – Complete and Partial

Denture Dentist – San Marcos

Dentists help their patients keep their teeth healthy and free of disease. Dentists can also help patients who have lost some or all of their teeth. A denture dentist understands the facial profile and the importance of the right dimensions. They have to replace not just the teeth that are missing, but also the soft tissue support. In making a denture, the dentist must incorporate both function and esthetics into the process. The same goes for making a partial denture.

Dentures – Partial Dentures

Dentures in San Marcos are affordable solution to complete tooth loss Dentures and partial dentures are probably some of the oldest ways to replace lost teeth. When it comes to replacing lost teeth there is a choice of “fixed” versus “removable” therapy. Dentures and partial dentures are the removable options.
Dentures are very cost-effective. In the event that someone loses all or some of their teeth, dentures can replace the missing teeth and allow the person to function better in their daily lives. Not only are dentures useful in chewing, but a well-designed set of dentures can also make the face look more balanced and less aged.

Immediate or Transitional Dentures

There are times that a patient realizes complete tooth loss is inevitable. When it is decided to remove the teeth, some pre-planning can make the day of the surgery and the outcome better. A denture can be fabricated ahead of time. This is called an “immediate” or “transitional” denture as a new denture needs to be made about 1 year after surgery. This is due to the extensive bone remodeling that occurs within the first year after tooth loss. Immediate dentures are placed in right after dental surgery
The patient in this case understood that the upper teeth were hopeless.  An upper transitional denture was fabricated before the surgery was performed. On the day of the surgery, the upper denture was placed immediately after the teeth were removed. Not only did this allow the patient to leave the office on the day of the surgery with teeth, it minimized the swelling and helped speed up the recovery after the surgery.

Benefits- Replacing Soft Tissue

When teeth are lost, the supporting soft tissue starts deteriorating. Over time, this leads to significant facial changes. You’ve seen photos of patients with fake teeth and how they look when they take their teeth out. Their entire face is literally sunken in. And that is due to the extensive soft tissue loss. A well-made set of false teeth also replaces the lost “soft tissue” volume of the lower face. In this case, the patient needed a new set of dentures. Our denture dentist created dentures that were functional and comfortable, while also correcting the soft tissue deficits. Notice how much “younger” the patient looks when their cheeks and lips are not sunken in. Also, notice the fuller lips. The patient was biting her bottom lip and that was the reason she wanted a new set of teeth.

Dentures replace lost soft tissue support of the faceCare and Maintenance

Just like natural teeth, false teeth also need maintenance. They need to be cleaned and adjusted as the soft tissue in the mouth changes and re-shapes. The plaque that builds up on teeth also builds upon fake teeth. This leads to a bad odor and needs to be removed. The odor not only is unpleasant, but it also represents a source of bacteria in the mouth!

As the mouth and the associated soft tissue remodel over time, false teeth need to be adjusted and remodeled as well. A reline is a procedure that helps fill the voids between the teeth and the soft tissue in the mouth.


As our denture dentist explains, there are several disadvantages to false teeth. Dentures are removable and can be lost or broken. They may not feel “good” to the patient so they cannot be used to chew comfortably. Fake teeth can also make the patient look old or funny if they are not made right. These are just to name a few. However, there are alternatives to this treatment option.


False teeth can be replaced with dental implants. This treatment alternative can make a bulky removable denture into a smaller more acceptable alternative to the patient. It can also be fixated to the jaw to make chewing more comfortable and natural.

If you have old dentures that need replacement or simply know that you are going to lose your teeth, we can help. Our denture dentist is experienced in making comfortable and natural-looking dentures. The doctor can explain different treatment options as well and help you make the best decision in your case. Call us now.