Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

Energy drinks have been on the market for years. And while they all promise more energy to get done whatever it is you want to get done, they make no remarks about the serious side effects for both your overall health and dental health.

Energy drinks increase rate of enamel destruction
Energy drinks are harmful to the teeth

Medical concerns aside, energy drinks have been shown to be quite destructive to the enamel on the teeth, even worse than the dreaded soda! In a lab experiment where teeth were submerged into different drinks, the rate of enamel loss for energy drinks was more than double compared to other “non-energy” drinks like Gatorade.

People that are chronically low on energy should visit their doctor to rule out other problems affecting their energy level, like “hypo-thyroid” where the thyroid gland is not making enough thyroxin. Also vitamin deficiency or lacking other essential minerals will impact the energy levels negatively. The proper amount of restful sleep is also necessary to the body functioning well. Using energy drinks to combat sleepiness or sleep deprivation often times requires multiple energy drinks which will even cause greater harm.

So what’s there to do if you or a loved one is hooked onto these energy drinks? The best solution is to reduce the use and ultimately stop using the product due to its dental and medical side effects. Diluting the drinks is another recommendation as any dilution reduces the acidity that the teeth are exposed to. Also, rinsing out the mouth with water afterwards is also recommended. However, you don’t want to brush your teeth for at least an hour after consuming energy drinks. This is because brushing teeth that have been exposed to acid immediately afterwards causes more destruction of the enamel.