Gum Disease Treatment – San Marcos

Gum Disease – Non-surgical Treatment

Gum disease treatment does not hurt

Gum disease affects roughly 80% of the US population, according to the American Dental Association. When it comes to treating gum disease we always start off with educating our patients about their condition. And this is because most people are not aware that they have infected gums. Treating gum disease is a team effort. Our San Marcos dentist treats gum disease using gentle non-surgical techniques that are effective and safe. After our doctor performs the treatment, we then spend time teaching the patients the benefits of good home care. Proper hygiene techniques are reviewed with the patient to find a combination of hygiene-related aides to help them clean their teeth and gums effectively.

Treatment – Comfortable and Non-painful

Treating gum disease doesn’t mean it has to be painful. We use a number of techniques to make sure your teeth and gums are numb and that you are comfortable. For some patients, our dentist may recommend using Nitrous oxide while undergoing dental care. Our dentist makes sure you are comfortably numb before your treatment starts.

Gum disease gets worse slowly over time. The best way to treat gum disease is to prevent it as much as possible. Sometimes gum disease has no symptoms other than your teeth feeling rough or fuzzy. Other times you’ll have bad breath. Symptoms vary from patient to patient. That’s why our dentist recommends a dental visit every 6 months.