Invisalign Express – Lite – Moderate

Invisalign Express

Invisalign express lite moderate for correction of minor problems

Besides Invisalign for adults and teens, Invisalign offers multiple other lines of therapeutic aligners. Aligners are essentially custom-made trays for the teeth. These aligners have tooth movement programmed into them. This way they move the teeth a little at a time. Invisalign Express is for times when there are just a couple of little things to correct. Maybe you had braces and didn’t wear your retainers and your teeth got a little crowded/crooked. This is the right option for you. The treatment time for this option is about 2-6 months. Sometimes you’ll need both top and bottom sets. There are also times when just one set will do.

Invisalign – Lite – Moderate

Along the lines of treatment for minor orthodontic cases, Invisalign Lite and Moderate are the next in terms of length and involvement of orthodontic problems treated.  These cases are typically completed in about 10-12 months. These are ideal for cases where additional dental treatment may be necessary after orthodontic treatment. For example, some patients want cosmetic dentistry. Invisalign used in conjunction with smile makeovers offers tremendous results. Office visits are typically once a month and the treatment will be completed in just under a year.


The cost of treatment depends on the length of time and the number of aligners necessary. Be sure to check out our current Invisalign Promotions.

Invisalign can be financed. Also, dental insurances typically have benefits for orthodontic treatment as well. FSA and HSA accounts can also be used for these services.

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