Root Canal Dentist – San Marcos

Root Canal Dentist – San Marcos

Root canal dentist near you can help you save your tooth

As explained by our root canal dentist Dr. Eslampour,  Root Canal Therapy, commonly called “root canal” for short can save a tooth that’s badly injured. A large cavity can cause irreversible damage to the nerve. Trauma is another source of severe damage to a tooth. Sports accidents, auto accidents, or biting on a piece of bone can all traumatize a tooth. Years ago, the only treatment choice was to have the tooth removed (extracted). Today, you can save that same tooth with root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment: How Does It Work?

Every single tooth has a nerve supply and a blood supply. The blood supply brings nutrients to the tooth. The nerve supply sends sensation from the tooth to the brain. When you get a cavity, the nerve sends a signal to the brain which is perceived as pain. Root canal therapy involves removing the nerve, blood supply, and any infection out of the tooth. The nerve is usually in the center of the roots in the tooth. Sometimes there is more than one nerve for each root. The reason you experience relief after the treatment is that the nerve responsible for transmitting information up to the brain has been removed.

After a root canal treatment is successfully performed, it is important to protect the tooth with a crown. Be sure to read our blog on the importance of protecting the tooth after root canal therapy.

The alternative to root canal therapy is removing the tooth and replacing the tooth with an implant or dental bridge.

Cost of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment cost depends on the tooth and how many roots it has. Front teeth usually have only one root. Back teeth typically have two to three roots. Each root itself can contain multiple canals. Dental insurance usually has benefits for this treatment. We also offer financing and in-house savings plan. Need an appointment? Contact us now.