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Sedation Dentistry – San Marcos, CA

Sedation Dentist – San Marcos

For some people, the simple thought of going to the dentist is truly terrifying. As our sedation dentist in San Marcos, California explains, dental anxiety is quite crippling. Sedation dentistry, however, allows the patient with dental anxiety to have a comfortable experience. But why is it that some patients have an extreme phobia and fear of the dentist?

Dental Phobias – Dental Anxiety

Dentophobia is an actual disease, according to the DSM. The patient’s mental health influences the level of their anxiety. For the patient to suffer from dental anxiety, their mental health regarding “the dentist” must have been harmed. This can happen both directly and indirectly.

  • Direct Harm to Mental Health

Most dental phobias stem from a negative dental experience. This can happen anytime from when the patient is a young child all the way up to a young adult. Their negative experience leaves their mental health scarred. So when it comes time to go to the dentist, the “old painful” memories come back.

  • Indirect Harm to Mental Health

Sometimes “projected emotions” leave the patient scared and confused. For example, let’s consider a parent who had a negative experience when younger. Then when they have their own child, they may say things like “Going to the dentist is painful” or “It’s going to hurt when they stick you with their tools”. And this is even before the child’s first dental visit. There are a lot more ways that this message gets across. Have you ever seen a movie depicting dental torture?

As a result, the child or young adult is expecting an unpleasant experience even before stepping foot in the dentist’s office. And when they do experience the slightest bit of discomfort, their fears are validated. The vicious cycle of dental anxiety is now in gear. To learn more, you can read our post titled Dental Anxiety and Oral Health.

Sleep Dentistry – Patient Experience

How does this procedure work and what kind of experience can you expect? First, you’ll meet our dentist, Dr. Sonny Eslampour for a consultation and examination. Our doctor will evaluate your medical health for safely performing this procedure. Additionally, we will discuss your dental needs and concerns. With this information at hand, the doctor will then design a treatment plan for your specific needs and concerns.

Dental Sedation Appointment

The night before your dental appointment you’ll take medications prescribed by our doctor at or before bedtime. In the morning you will take additional prescription pills while still at home. Once you are at our office and comfortably seated, you’ll have your vitals taken. You will be given additional medications based on your sedation/sleepiness level.  Lastly, we will start your treatment when you are comfortably sedated.

Post Dental Sedation

Once the treatment is completed and the patient is alert, they will need to be escorted back home by a friend or family member. The patient will continue to sleep and rest at home. The following day the patient may still feel a bit groggy, but they are usually alert enough to go about their daily routines and even return to work or school.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Falling asleep – most patients doze off during their dental appointment.
  • No memory of the visit – patients know they were at the dentist, but they just cannot remember any details.
  • Easier recovery – when the patient’s mind is at rest, their body can heal and recover from the procedure faster.
  • Get more done, faster – since the patient is comfortably sleeping, the dental procedure is more rapidly completed.

Sedation Dentistry Alternatives

Some patients are anxious and fearful of going to the dentist. While sedation dentistry will definitely help, it may be overkill for a simple dental cleaning or small filling. Nitrous oxide is a milder level of sedation that works great in these cases. Used correctly, not only does it help with the patient’s anxiety, but it also helps to manage minor pain.

Insurance and Financing

Dental insurance can help with the cost of dental healthcare. When it comes to dental insurance, we can help you maximize your benefits.

For added flexibility, we also offer financing so our patients don’t have to struggle to pay for their dental health.

Our doctor has helped many patients with their fears and phobias of the dentist. He is able to comfortably treat phobic patients and help them overcome their dental anxiety. See what some of our patients say about their experience.

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