Smile Makeover Dentist – San Marcos – CA

Smile Makeovers – Look Younger

A smile makeover dentist knows how to re-create a beautiful smile

Your smile says a lot about you. Some people have beautiful smiles while some don’t. And while this doesn’t change the person, it affects their confidence. Of all the ways someone can improve their “looks”, cosmetic dentistry can make a huge difference. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to make a person look younger, more vibrant and confident, by simply improving their smile.

This image is a before and after photo of the same patient. Being a working professional the patient wanted an improved smile. This transformation consisted of multiple disciplines in dentistry. The patient underwent Invisalign, followed by teeth whitening, several crowns, and multiple porcelain veneers. Utilizing 20 plus years of knowledge and experience our dentist was able to perform this transformation from start to finish.

Smile Transformation – Where to Begin

A smile transformation begins with an in-office consultation and exam and with our smile makeover dentist, Sonny Eslampour, DDS in San Marcos. During your exam, your concerns can be reviewed with the doctor. Knowing what you want and what is necessary to achieve those results, our dentist will formulate a plan for your proposed treatment. Through this process, we can deliver the smile that you want.

Smile Makeover Dentist – Smile Balance

A smile makeover begins with the understanding of the correct position of the teeth, jawbones, soft tissue, and associated structures. Focusing on the smile this way produces a result that is not only beautiful but also functional.

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