Snoring – Clenching – Grinding

Snoring – A Common Problem

Snoring makes it hard for the bed partner

Snoring is a common condition affecting nearly 30% of the population. Even though people who actually snore will swear up and down that they do no such thing.  Men are more likely to snore compared to women. Snoring is also linked to being obese or simply overweight. And with the size of our population getting plumper by the decade, snoring incidence has been slowly increasing. Gone untreated, snoring can progress to sleep apnea.

What Causes Us to Snore?

Snoring is due to a partial blockage of the airway by the soft tissue in the head and neck area. As the air is forced through this blockade, it causes flutter of the soft tissue and thus the sound.

This condition is sometimes accompanied by other sleeping disorders like clenching or grinding of the teeth. No one knows the exact reason why we clench or grind our teeth in our sleep. But, it seems to be neurologically driven and stress seems to be an important co-factor.

How to Treat?

There are different treatment options. Some are aimed at making the body healthier. For example, if a patient is overweight, weight loss should be considered in the overall plan for the patient. But weight loss alone won’t cure the snoring. By use of dental devices, we are able to minimize the blocking effect of soft tissue on the airway. There are also more aggressive forms of therapy. Sometimes there is such an excess of soft tissue that some can be safely removed. Sometimes, the tonsils and adenoids may be contributing to this condition. In these cases, an ENT specialist can remove the offending soft tissue organs to allow for a more clear airway.

Cost of Treatment

There are many types of devices for the treatment of snoring. The cost ranges from $800 to $1800 depending on the severity of the case. Some dental and/or medical insurance plans offer benefits for this treatment. We also offer financing to help our patients get this necessary treatment.

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