TMJ Treatment- Jaw Pain Relief- San Marcos

Jaw Pain – TMJ Treatment

TMJ dentist in San Marcos treats patients with jaw pain and headaches.

Aside from the teeth and the gums, jaw pain is often caused by disorders of the jaw joints or the supporting musculature and soft tissue. This is a condition collectively referred to as TMJ. Our San Marcos TMJ dentist has extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating TMJ.

TMJ – Diagnosis

The correct diagnosis is key.  Even though most (about 95%) of all pain in or around the mouth is related to either the teeth or the gums, there are times where the symptoms may indicate another type of disease. This is a disease affecting the jaw joints, the chewing muscles, and the nerves that supply them. Of all the dentists practicing today less than 10% have the training to diagnose and treat these types of medical problems properly. Our San Marcos jaw pain specialist Dr. Sonny Eslampour has extensive training in diagnosing and treating TMJ disorders.

Signs & Symptoms

TMJ symptoms take time to develop and are different amongst patients. This process may also be sped up by a traumatic event like an auto accident. Most patients don’t notice that their jaw joints make noise and clanking sounds. They only notice something is wrong when they have some pain or discomfort and cannot function normally, like chewing their food. Sometimes they get misdiagnosed as having a bad tooth and needing a root canal. And this is because the dentist doesn’t realize this is a problem of a different nature.

The most common signs of these group of disorders are:

  • difficulty opening or closing
  • limited range of motion
  • chewing difficulty
  • jaw pain
  • sore and tired jaws
  • headaches
  • earaches
  • clicking joints

TMJ Treatment

Our TMJ dentist in San Marcos is highly trained in diagnosing and treating TMJ patients. To properly help the patient, the doctor first conducts a thorough evaluation of the patient’s dental, medical and overall health. After a complete history of the problem is obtained and the necessary exams performed, the doctor can then properly diagnose the patient’s case and recommend the best treatment option for the patient. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

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