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White fillings offer an excellent alternative to the old silver (should be called black) fillings. Compared to the silver fillings, these do not turn dark and black over time. And that’s because they don’t contain materials that can corrode. Metals turn “black” because of corrosion over time. You’ve seen metal rusting when it is exposed to moisture. Now imagine that going on in your mouth. As our San Marcos cosmetic dentist explains this condition is unhealthy for the tooth and the body. The corrosion stains the tooth (and even the adjacent teeth) permanently. Plus, as they corrode and leak corrosive byproducts over time, our body becomes affected. Be sure to read our dental blog article on tooth cavities for more information.


White fillings are far superior to older filling materials. And here are some of their benefits.

  • Natural and pleasant aesthetic: they mimic the natural tooth.
  • Bio-compatible: unlike the silver fillings, these contain no such caustic compounds, like mercury!
  • Protects the remaining tooth structure: white fillings are bonded to the teeth. This makes it less likely for the tooth or the filling to break.
  • Conserves the remaining tooth structure: “tooth-colored” fillings do not require a certain “thickness” for them to work. Silver fillings do. So more tooth structure is removed just to make room for the silver.
  • Easier to repair: when a white filling needs to be repaired, it can be done without removing the entire filling. Not so for the amalgam fillings.
  • White fillings can also be used for front teeth as in dental bondings.

Alternatives to White Fillings

White fillings are an excellent choice for restoring teeth to function. However, there are times that the tooth may require more protection. A dental crown protects the entire tooth. If the bonding on a front tooth doesn’t produce the desired results, then a porcelain veneer is recommended.

White Fillings – Cost

White fillings offer beautiful and long-lasting results. But they are highly technique sensitive. They must be placed following very strict guidelines. As a result, they take longer to place. Also, the materials used are more costly. So, it’s not uncommon for a white filling to cost more than a silver filling. Most dental insurance plans offer benefits for white fillings. If you have no dental insurance we also offer an in-house savings plan.

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