Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt After a Root Canal?

Tooth still aching after root canal treatmentWhen a tooth is badly injured, treatment choices become limited. A badly damaged tooth can often be saved with a root canal therapy.

The damage to the tooth inevitably leads to nerve damage and often times pain. A root canal is performed to remove the source of infection, along with the damaged and diseased tooth and nerve. Once the root canal is performed, the body begins a healing process where the disease used to be. So if the nerve in the tooth is gone, why do some people still experience pain after the procedure is completed?

Pain or discomfort following a completed root canal therapy can be due to the irritation to the surrounding jaw bone that is caused by some of the medications used during the root canal procedure.  Sometimes this is more uncomfortable than the original toothache. But don’t fret. The body will heal itself if the source of the problem is gone. Sometimes antibiotics need to be used to help speed up the recovery and healing phase. In other cases only time and patience is necessary as the healing process is gradual.

If you have had a root canal treatment recently and you are still experiencing discomfort, be patient and discuss it with your doctor. If the discomfort is subsiding and getting less noticeable daily, then you’re on the right path.

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