Why Won’t my Insurance Cover my Treatment?

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance only pays for so much of your dental care leaving you with the restDental insurance has really not kept up with the cost of living increases since its inception some 80 years ago.  Back in the 20’s and 30’s at the very beginning of the dental insurance era, insurance companies had benefit amounts equal to $1000 per year. Back then this amount was a lot and it covered all of the dental needs of the patient. Fast forward to today and you’ll be surprised to see that most insurance plans are still offering this amount for an average plan.  Maybe they think that dental care has been immune to changes in our economics.

And, to top it off, insurance companies place ridiculous restrictions and a lot of exclusions on some benefits.  For example, you may think that since you have dental insurance it can pay for you if you had a tooth knocked out. Nope!  The insurance will typically help pay for the least costly treatment forcing the patient to choose a less desirable treatment (e.g. partial denture) if they expect the insurance to help pay for the treatment.

The bottom line with dental insurance companies is to expect disappointment, and then you will not be as surprised at the outcome.

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